How do I become a Valiant?
Taking the next steps to become a member of the Valiant community is an exciting one.
Step 1:  Schedule a tour @ 818.892.3802  We recommend you tour during school hours to get the full effect and tours are available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5pm each day.  On this day you'll receive an application form that lists the requirements for submission.
Step 2:  Submit your application & sign up for a shadow day and or testing with our main office.   Testing gives us an idea of where your child is academically and is administered by a grade level appropriate teacher.  Shadow days allow your child to spend a whole day on campus in their respective grade and lets them experience all the great things SG has to offer.
Step 3: Turn in your application and set up an interview.   Interviews are conducting with an administrator.   It is important we know all our families on campus and so both parents and students are invited to come to this meeting. 
Step 4: Decision letters are mailed within a week of your interview.
What is a Shadow Day?
Shadow days are an option for students and families considering St. Genevieve for their child's future.  Students spend the entire day in a classroom of their respective grade level.  This allows them to meet the teachers, meet the other students in the grade level and experience what it is like to be a Valiant!  
How can I afford a Catholic School?
Educating your child in a private school is a choice and does require you to prioritize your child's future in your finances.   The education of your child at St. Genevieve should be considered an investment.  You are investing in a better future for your child and attempting to do all that you can to provide a safe and challenging learning environment for them.   When circumstances arise (as they sometimes do) St. Genevieve strives to work with all families to ensure each and every child has the gift of a Catholic education.
Who can I talk to if I have questions?
Our main office is always ready to answer your questions.  Give us a call at 818.892.3802 and we will do our best to assist you.  If you'd like to stop by in person - that's okay too - our office staff and admissions team is here to provide you with the answers you need.