Middle School Electives


Fine Arts

The purpose of this elective course is to provide 7/8th grade students with the opportunity to learn, develop and apply key visual art concepts, such as the elements and principles of art. Students will become familiar with drawing tools and techniques, art history, color theory and collage making. They will be encouraged to interpret artistic intention and recognize value in individual artistic style as they build connections to their own experience.



The overall goal for students is to have the opportunity to develop their effectiveness as a leader throughout this course.  All activities are designed to enhance a student’s communication skills, managerial skills, relationship skills, and self-awareness. Students will be instrumental in planning school-related activities and will need to demonstrate their commitment to being a leader through their school and leadership roles.


Sports Conditioning

The primary objective of the course is to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in all student athletes. Students will participate in a combination of exercises to build endurance and enhance muscle training to prepare students for competitive sports or fitness play.  In addition, students will discuss the overall importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Through this class, students will learn important skills as decision-making, teamwork and sportsmanship.



This course is a beginning coding class designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of coding.  Students will learn basic coding essentials and create optional images based on the following: debugging, programming, algorithms, sequencing, looping, conditionals, functions, and sprites. Students get to explore computer science concepts in this elective class.



Students will have a general understanding of music focusing on theory, performance, and history of the art throughout human culture. There will be a focus on liturgical music and how it enhances our understanding of our faith. The music curriculum will be taught in conjunction with liturgy of the Catholic Faith. Each student will develop his/her singing voice and participate in school masses and other events. 



Intro to Spanish will prepare students to be more comfortable in a Spanish 1 course. It will help the student acquire the fundamentals to understand, read, write and speak simple Spanish. Students will learn the alphabet, numbers, time, weather, greetings, salutations and how to have simple conversations with one another.  Basic relevant information covered includes geography, customs, and culture of Spanish speaking countries. 



The class will feature hands-on activities that inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, while teaching students how to think entrepreneurially. Students will learn the fundamentals of business and what it takes to own and operate their own business. They will discuss valuable skills such as managing credit and budgets as well as creating a resume and participating in interviews. Students will learn to embrace and reimagine failure as a learning process and become more confident and creative problem-solvers.