Middle School Social Studies



Social studies students will engage in rigorous, intellectual work that encourages historical thinking skills, inquiry, depth, and relevance. Students   develop their understanding of historical and geographical concepts.  Throughout the year, an emphasis is placed upon the ability to read, write, research, and think using the methodology of the historian. Our social studies textbooks are aligned with the Common Core Standards to  ensure all students are college and career ready.  Students will be utilizing the online textbook TCI...History Alive!


7th Grade

Students deepen their understanding of world history and trace the development of various cultures into the modern day.  The influence of geography on culture and the interaction of cultures.


In Religion, the emphasis is the study of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We continue to study the Sacraments of the Church as well as the Church as the Body of Christ.



8th Grade

Student understand our nation’s roots, government, its political system, and the foundations of American democracy.  Students study the branches of government, the Constitution, state and local governments, the American political system, the legal system, and the election process.


In Religion, students study the importance of making moral choices that affect themselves and society. Emphasis is on the History of the Catholic Church and how the Church developed and defined its teachings.