Middle School Language Arts


7th Grade ELA


In seventh grade, students use the skills learned in sixth grade English, Vocabulary/Spelling and Literature classes to embrace and extend their knowledge of the world and of themselves and challenge themselves to see their role in the broader role. Goals for writing include mastering grammar basics, deepening the complexity of their writing, mastering a 5 paragraph essay and moving on to longer, more complex pieces of writing. For Literature, students will read and write short stories, explore other genres such as poetry and drama, as well as increase their vocabulary by focusing on high-frequency vocabulary that will ready them for high school and beyond.


8th Grade ELA


Eighth grade students will continue to be exposed to a wide variety of complex literature, informational texts, writing styles, and academic vocabulary. They will read and analyze a variety of works for the purposes of identifying literary elements, providing evidence to show comprehension, and making meaningful connections.  Students will write with the mastery of grammar mechanics and the writing process. They will outline and compose various types of essays with text evidence and a basic understanding of MLA format.  Students will increase vocabulary through word analysis, discovering meaning through context, and integrating new words into their writing.  They will develop skills to be effective communicators in a group setting and through different modes of presentation. The goal of this class is to provide a wealth of opportunities for students to grow as readers, writers, and critical thinkers as they prepare for high school and beyond.