4th Grade

Fourth Grade


Fourth grade students will read grade-level prose with accuracy and comprehension in English class. Our goal is to achieve a 4.3 - 4.5 reading level. Using the steps of the writing process, students will write an essay/story of two paragraphs of five-sentences each with an introduction, details, and conclusion. They will continue to work on their recognition of parts of speech as well as punctuation. Students will also write cursive (letters Aa to Hh) with proper posture and pencil grip.


In Social Studies, students will study maps, using longitude and latitude, recognize the state capital, the regions of California and their resources, and compare California Native American tribes and their lifestyles and contributions. They will also evaluate the contributions of the first explorers to California.


In Math, students will have to master the 4 operations---addition, subtraction, division, and most importantly, multiplication. Students will be given drills of  times table with accuracy and word problems to challenge them. To emphasize their proficiency in the aforementioned topics, students will apply the 4 operations in computing  decimals and fractions. Students will also enrich their knowledge by using graphs. Math will not be complete without Geometry. They will estimate and measure area and perimeter. They will draw angles and lines. They will illustrate different geometric shapes. Science will not be interesting without doing experiments---stating the problem, making predictions, gathering data and information, and making conclusion. They will get to do a lot of  hands- on experiments.


There will be integration of Math and Science as regards gathering data and information.  Topics will be more realistic like adaptations of plants and animals with their environments, electromagnet, electricity, and Earth Science which has emphasis on rocks, minerals, oceans, and planet earth.


To deepen their faith in God, Religion will play an important role in their lives. Jesus, Mary, Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Works of Mercy,  Sacraments, Liturgical Year, Precepts of the Church, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit will become the basis of their everyday life.