3rd Grade

Third Grade

Third grade is a formative year where students delve into new concepts across the curriculum.  Students will work with a variety of english/grammar skills.  Some of these grammar skills are the parts of speech: nouns,  pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  Students will learn the writing process and thus become better writers. Students will know how to form two to three paragraph papers. Students will explore various types of writing including friendly letters, research reports. Students will learn about poetry and practice writing the various types of poetry.  Students will read a variety of stories. Students will build upon their vocabulary by reading different stories in class. Students will improve their reading comprehension and their writing skills. Students will be introduced to cursive writing this year.

Third grade is a critical year for math.  This year, students will develop an understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100.  In addition to gaining these newly acquired math skills, students will also build on math concepts previously taught including place value, time, money, measurement, word problems and basic fractions.  They will also acquire a basic knowledge of Geometry including solving for area, perimeter, and volume, and identifying a shapes and solid figures.  In science, students will explore the scientific method.  They will learn about health and the human body, as well as the life cycle and functions of various plants and animals.  They will explore how these various organisms adapt to their habitats and relate to one another as parts of food chains and food webs.  Students will also gain a basic knowledge of earth science as they study the effects of natural disasters, weather and learn about our solar system.  In Social Studies, we will navigate the journeys of early Americans, focusing on both Native Americans and early explorers.

In Religion, students will learn about the life of Jesus, the early church, the different kinds of prayer, and the seven Sacraments. They will understand the importance of each part of Mass and will continue to build a strong Catholic faith.