2nd Grade

Second Grade


Second grade is an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful activities and experiences. In second grade our students will receive the two Sacraments, Reconciliation and Eucharist. In addition, to attending mass every Friday, our students are required to know the proper mass responses and prayers. Through the use of our online Scholastic Newsletter we are able to enrich our Science and Social Studies Program, giving our students knowledge that will help introduce and challenge them to create, invent, and explore the world around and beyond them, in order to serve those in need.  


Our school’s Language Arts program consists of helping students reach the standard level of reading 117 words per minute by the end of 2nd grade. Students are able to achieve this goal by learning the diphthongs, blending sounds, and short/long vowel, word ending spelling patterns. Students are encouraged to continue to know and use all 220 sight words properly. Through our reading program our students become familiar with different genres of literature and are able to identify the difference between fiction and non-fiction. By the end of 2nd grade students will be able to write a full and complete paragraph, including an introduction, 3 complete sentences, and a closing sentence; using the proper parts of speech. Our Math program encourages our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students become familiar with the proper math signs in order to formulate basic math sentences. Through the use of classroom manipulative students learn place value up to 1,000, counting money, telling time, reading graphs, and understanding measurement,  geometric shapes, and fractions. Students come away knowing how to add and subtract single, double, and three digit problems. Our 2nd grade programs are geared towards creating a positive view towards learning in order to have a successful school experience.