My name is Mr. Bollweg, and I'll be your English Language Arts teacher for the 7th and 8th grades. It may not sound that exciting right now, but believe you me, it will be. I have grown up with a strong love for reading and the written word. It is my goal this year to try and light that same passion for literature and language within each of my students.
I grew up mostly in California's Beautiful San Fernando Valley while also splitting time with my family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I would say that I have a Midwest heart with a West Coast mind. It is with this that I value hard work, determination, and creative solutions. It is my philosophy to have a good time all of the time, especially when times are tough. When challenges arise, that's the best time to make your own fun as you meet them head on and to the best of your ability.
I received my BA in English Literature at Arizona State University-Online (which has given me insight into the life of an online student in these trying times) and teaching credential through California State University Northridge.
While I am new to St. Genevieve's, and being a lead teacher, I have worked with grades 5-8 as a special education Paraprofessional and taught English Language Arts for 8th and 11th grade. I love seeing students grow as communicators and scholars through the course of the school year. Now more than ever people need their language skills to advocate for themselves and others in a meaningful way to create positive change in the world. I look forward to walking with you on our journey through middle school ELA and beyond.