Student Learning Expectations



 Valiants Know God by:

  •    Participating in Mass, prayers, sacraments, liturgies, retreats, and service opportunities
  •    Knowing Jesus Christ, the Gospels, and traditions of the Catholic faith
  •    Challenging ourselves to have a personal relationship with God
  •    Striving to being spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy
  •    Caring for others through volunteer work and contributing to causes bigger and beyond ourselves.


Valiants Live with Honor by:

  •    Appreciating the diversity and culture of others
  •    Valuing connections between choices and outcomes
  •    Communicating, understanding and learning from others.
  •    Demonstrating care for the environment
  •    Exercising good character


Valiants Change the World by:

  •    Applying critical thinking skills to address real-world issues
  •    Displaying talents in the arts, athletics, academics and leadership
  •    Interacting, inspiring and being inspired by visitors, guest speakers and unique educational experiences outside the classroom.
  •    Living the VALIANT spirit