Student Learning Expectations


Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Faith - A Christ-centered person who...
  • Understands the Catholic Faith
  • Maintains health in body, mind and spirit
  • Respectfully participates in mass, prayers, confessions and liturgies
  • Shows knowledge of grade-appropriate prayers and religious information
  • Fulfills Christian Service Hours
Academic Excellence - An Enthusiastic Learner Who...
  • Sets realistic goals and expectations
  • Adopts a variety of technologies and methodologies to seek and apply knowledge
  • Creatively employs critical thinking skills in becoming a lifelong learner
  • Demonstrates effective work habits
  • Listens to and follows directions
  • Demonstrates self-control
  • Expresses oneself through the arts
Service - A World-Wise Learner Who...
  • Gives unselfishly one's time, effort and talent
  • Distinguishes oneself by example
  • Participates in class service projects
  • Shows awareness for the needs of others
  • Helps others voluntarily
  • Keeps or school community clean and safe
Dignity - A Dignified Learner Who...
  • Acknowledges the world as a global society
  • Respects and accepts the diversity of others
  • Develops a sense of community and world citizenship
  • Accepts responsibility for one's actions
  • Resolves differences in a respectful manner