Following the end of World War II there was a significant population movement from the urban centers of Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley. As a result of this expansion, a need developed for churches and schools in this area. The Catholic schools symbolized the spiritual influence of the local community. In October 1950, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace arrived and began a parish census and began religion classes for the local children.


In the spring of 1951 a Preschool and Kindergarten were opened in a warehouse on the church property. In the meantime, plans were drawn for the building of a church and school. The elementary school was opened in September 1951 with the first four grades. Each year another grade was added and in time it was necessary to have two of every grade and another 8 classrooms were built.  


The mission continued in 1959 with the opening of St. Genevieve High School to see the first enrolled classes (in 1951) successfully graduated in 1963.  This provides for a continuous PK - 12th grade Catholic environment for students to build their faith and be educated in. 


In September of 1975 St. Genevieve Elementary School was staffed by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. In 2005 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet assumed the leadership of the school, followed by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (SJS) and Sisters of St. Joseph.   While the current leadership is lay, the elementary staff still retains one Sister of St. Joseph on staff to work with their second grade students as they receive the sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.


St. Genevieve School offers to its students an excellent academic program in an atmosphere dedicated to Catholic principles. We clearly recognize and maintain that parents are the prime educators of their children. We believe that each child is a unique, creative, and a responsive person who grows and learns through interaction with others in an atmosphere of faith, which fosters Christian living.   


Our school works with students, in partnership with parents, to create an environment at school and at home in which each child feels valued. Students will exercise their responsibility to use their gifts and talents in order to participate at school as fully caring, productive members of the school and world community.

St. Genevieve Elementary academic program builds a strong foundation of basic skills – in core subjects such as mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies – while recognizing individual differences and learning styles. Religion classes and real-world experiences, such as community service projects and liturgical worship, develop in our students a true sense of a faith community.

Students at our school are encouraged to discover the joys of creative expression – through art, music, and physical education.  Catholic values, morals, and character formation are integrated in every aspect of our curriculum, which extends through every aspect of our daily life. 
To find out more about St. Genevieve Elementary School and how to enroll your child, please give us a call at 818.892.3802 or e-mail Teri Meichtry at tmeichtry@spartanosonline.org
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