My name is Maricris “Makki” Gomez and I’m so incredibly excited to be part of the St. Genevieve Parish Schools. I attended California State University in Northridge (CSUN) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and received my MA in Early Childhood Education and MA in Early Childhood Special Education credential. This being my 16th year teaching in the field of early childhood education and overseeing preschool programs.
Think of the director as the principal of the preschool. I’m in charge of everything that happens in the preschool, and in charge of both the students and the teachers. Keeping everything running smoothly means - as the director I need to create, enforce and communicate policies and procedures with the staff. I also create and oversee the educational programs used with the kids. Parental interaction is another aspect of my job description as a Preschool Director. I handle the student enrollment and meet with parents who are considering enrolling their kids in the program.
I truly believe and research has demonstrated that children taught at an early age usually benefit in the following ways: improved social skills, less or no need for modified class instructions during subsequent school years, better grades and enhanced attention spans. Hence, I look forward each school year to prepare all of our preschoolers lots of school readiness skills and making these experiences fun and enjoyable as possible. At Little Angels Preschool, we are doing lots of learning activities but having tons of fun to go along with all the learning.
As the director, I spend my day in the preschool. I have an office for handling the paperwork and other administrative tasks that go into running the program. But my job also requires interactions with the kids and teachers, that means I often move around to both classrooms, the environment is often busy and sometimes loud – but I’d like to call it organized chaos.
I am truly happy to be in St. Genevieve Little Angels Preschool and continuously aiming to help the youngest Valiant’s to reach his/her full potential as he/she gets ready for Kindergarten!