Emily Squiller has been with the SG community for three years now as a second-grade teacher. Emily is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Following her undergraduate experience, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she completed her Masters in Reading Education and earned her K-12 Reading Specialist Certification. While at Vanderbilt University, she joined a research team that strived to further understanding of how best to teach reading and mathematics. The team's work focused on ways to improve outcomes for young students with learning disabilities or students who are at risk for developing learning disabilities by creating a variety of Tier 1 and Tier 2 intervention programs and curriculum-based assessments.
Emily is passionate about the craft of teaching and is committed to providing quality instruction that meets the needs of her students. If you were to walk into her classroom, you would see hands-on student-centered instruction in the form of differentiated stations where students could practice skills or challenge themselves. In addition, Emily works with the second graders to prepare them for their next step in their Catholic faith: First Reconciliation and Communion. She loves to help them strengthen their relationship with God.
Emily believes that learning happens anywhere and everywhere. She is excited to explore the possibilities with distance learning and incorporate activities such as movement, nature walks, real world math application, and imagination into daily lessons that work to help students achieve mastery of grade level standards.
Outside of teaching, you can also find Emily as the coach of the Majorette Team for elementary students. She teaches students the basics of baton twirling as well as the important life skills of time management, perseverance, and commitment. In her home town of Pittsburgh, she was the Head Majorette for her high school marching band and decided to bring her passion and expertise to Panorama City to provide our students with this unique experience.