Mr. Castillo feels very excited and blessed to be the St. Genevieve Parish School Librarian and to also be one of the high school teachers. To say that he is a “Jack of many trades” may be an understatement. As a teacher, he has dedicated almost 20 years working as an instructor, mentor, and trainer to both students and teachers alike. Mr. Castillo has taught grades K -12 and he specializes in secondary school instruction. Apart from working in the classroom, he also worked as a Librarian, a Dean, a College Career Specialist, and as an Employee Trainer.
He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications / Film Production from Loyola Marymount University. His professional background in the Entertainment Industry began when he was still in elementary school where he caught the acting bug. This led Mr. Castillo down an artistic path which resulted to him professionally working in film, television, commercials, and voice-overs. After being added to his high school’s Hall of Fame for his achievements in the Creative Arts arena, Mr. Castillo decided to expand his horizons by studying the craft of filmmaking.
Two years after graduating from college, he was blessed to have been able to travel to South Africa where he produced his first feature film. Shortly after his African adventure, he got to direct his first feature film which he also partly wrote and produced. As a Filmmaker, he has worked in the specialized areas of directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing.
These days, he spends time imparting some of his knowledge about film / video production to the high school students who enroll in his Digital Video Production class. He also likes dabbling with all things “tech” which includes playing some of today’s popular video games when time permits. Mr. Castillo continues to utilize his backgrounds in Education & Entertainment in order to further nurture a career where he may continue to make a positive impact on the lives of many people especially students. Mr. Castillo’s favorite tip to anyone pursuing any goal is this special life equation: LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY