Valiant Victory in Louisville Academic Fair!

St. Genevieve Elementary School is the OVERALL CHAMPION. 

                              Student                                                  Place

Religion           Monalea Yambao                                    1st Place

Art                   Gillian Bautista                                       1st Place

Social Studies   Caitlin Lim, Ray Reyes, Patrick Agustin      4th Place

Speech 8th Gr.  Monalea Yambao                                   1st Place

Speech 7th Gr.  Hannah Garcia                                      1st Place

Speech 7th Gr.  Andrea Chavarria                                   4th Place

Spelling             Kathleen Manalang                                1st Place

Sheena Echano and Miyana Lacson received 5th place in Math, while Charlotte Reyes placed 5th place in Spelling.

Science participants were Martin Clemente, Elise Tristan, Liselle Vince Cruz, Brianna Flores, and Christian Garcia.

Special thanks to the following coaches: Religion - Mrs. Laan, Art - Mrs. Laan, Math - Mrs. Morales, Science - Mrs. Montes, Social Studies - Ms. Yao, Speech 8th grade - Mrs. Marilyn Ramirez, Speech 7th grade - Mr. Zepeda,  Spelling - Ms. Ramos
Source: Ms. Ramos