Eighth Graders and Parents Build School Library and Home

St. Genevieve School is so proud of our wonderful 8th graders and their parents who spent the whole Saturday building an elementary school library room and a home for a grandfather, grandmother and the four children they are raising. It was a beautiful day and the two structures were built an hour ahead of schedule. The team leader for the library said to me before leaving, "If you plan on doing another build next year, please let me know. This was the best group I have ever worked with."

A huge thank you needs to go out to Ms. Anulat who organized this house build and put in countless hours getting everyone and everything ready. We know that Ms. Anulat worked throughout the year and did many, many behind the scene things for this huge event. Thank you also to the other teachers and staff who sacrificed their weekend to work with parents and teachers for the sake of the poor in Mexico: Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Briones, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Vega, Mr. Lopez, and Mrs. Altre. Thank you also, Father John for working so hard with our students, teachers and parents and for blessing both the library and the house when we were finished.

Thank you to the many parents who worked so tirelessly during the day in spite of the weather and the unpleasant conditions of the work sites. It was an inspiration to see your hard work, continual smiles, and beautiful compassion for the people of the village. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful families.