St. Genevieve Elementary Home

Everyday Matters by Mr. Horn

During these days of uncertainty and change, EVERYDAY MATTERS has taken on a whole new meaning. Typically I have the honor of leading prayer at both our schools every Wednesday.  At the high school, we meditate.  During these days of Distant Learning, I am recording a weekly meditation for those students and guests who would like to participate. Additionally, instead of writing to parents and guardians, I’m been sending a video to better connect with you.  Isn’t that what we are all craving these days????  Connections! I miss you all very much and hope these messages and meditation help us feel more connected. Love, Mr. Dan Horn

Speaker Series 2020

Upcoming Speaker:
Pastor Tony Lowden - February 27, 2020

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Service Hours Needed

Start earning your service hours during the summer. We need help getting the classrooms ready for the new school year. Services need in painting, cleaning after painting and disinfecting the classrooms before we go back to the classrooms. Please call the school office for more information. 818-892-3802. Thank you.