Indications That You Have a Full Septic Tank 

Here are the following indicators that can help you determine that your septic tank is already full. It is important to know these signs for you to know when you should contact the experts for help in case you experience this. Hence, keep on reading this article. 


No property owner would want to experience a backup. If you’ve ignored the other indications that your tank is already full, raw sewage could start to back up into your home through your bathtubs and sinks. Septic waste is an ultimate health hazard and this is a problem that you should be concerned about and take action right away.  

Too green of the grass 

Similar to the water that pools in our lawn, the outer area that surrounds your septic system can indicate a leak or overflow. When the grass patches that conceals your septic tank are distinctly greener compared to the lawn surrounding it, then you may have an issue with your septic tank.  

The grass that’s on top of your tank is expected to have similar color with the entire lawn. Unfortunately, having too green lawn spots can indicate that there’s too much of a good thing that feeds the grasses and you probably own an overflowing tank issue today.  

Weak flush or slow drainage 

Try to flush the toilets and run the sinks in your house. With this, you can determine whether it’s time to have your tank pumped or not. If you experience slow drainage, this might not be because of a standard clog. Try to check when your toilet has a similar flush that you always used to. When you can observe either getting down or staying down the toilet, then having your septic tank pumped can aid things to get moving.   

Pooled water 

One of the indicators that you have a leaking tank is when you can see marshy spots close to the location of your tank. The moisture that happens because of a leaking septic tank can make water pools in your yard. Moreover, this can happen when your drainage pipe is blocked or your tank is overflowing.  

You start to smell something weird 

If your septic tank starts to get full, the gasses that make odor actually have nowhere to go and may eventually begin causing a few bad issues. Once you can observe a foul smell that comes from your sinks, drains, or the place close to your septic tank, that is an indicator that your drain is blocked or full. If this is the case, immediately contact your trusted septic pumping experts.  

Regular pumping of septic tank extends its lifespan 

When you have your septic tank pumped, it does not always mean that something is wrong. A lot of people believe that when the septic tank is properly working, then it’s not a need to pump it out. Though this kind of mindset is not really untrue, having your septic tank pumped at least every 3 years will help in extending your septic system Victoria BC

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Decking 

Composite decking is a combination of a binding agent, plastic, wood fiber. It is a good material to choose for your new deck construction Victoria. However, it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages that can be the reasons why it’s not that perfect and suitable for your particular need. To weigh things out and decide whether to use it or not, check out the list of advantages and disadvantages of composite decking: 

It comes in different colors and textures 

With composite decking, you get a lot of options in terms of texture and color since it’s a manufactured material. Property owners love the fact that they can own the natural wood’s classic look while getting all of the perks that a composite material has to give.  


Composite is long-lasting 

Usually, wood decks last for nearly 15 years. But, composite decks can last you for about 25-30 years. What’s particularly advantageous about a composite deck is that it is resistant to fading. Hence, even if it’s aging, it’ll still look new and fresh. 

It’s easy to maintain 

Compared to cleaning natural wood, cleaning a composite decking material is easy and quick. All you have to do is to keep up composite is to regularly clean it with water and soap. If you practice this, you can have a tidy-looking deck all throughout the year.  

Composite is durable 

Natural woods usually crack, fade, and splinter over time. However, composite decking is resistant to all of those issues. Moreover, this material can endure extreme weather conditions without being damaged and it’s one of the most durable and stable decking material options you have. Also, composite is resistant to insect damage and rot as well.  


Unnatural material 

This type of decking material is manufactured. Regardless of how much staining and treatment it experiences, it’ll never be totally similar to wood. If you want to experience the feeling of wood at your feet, then composite decking is not for you. You may just end up being disappointed. So, it would be best to just opt for the real ones.  

Permanent colors 

Once you choose on texture and color for your composite decking, it can’t be changed anymore. Trying to stain or paint your composite decking will only present negative outcomes. If you are one of those homeowners who want to change things up from time to time, composite may not be the best materials you need to use for your decking.  

Upfront costs are higher 

You can’t anticipate paying more initial costs for a composite deck compared to you will usually get if you install a natural wood deck. The additional costs you’ll pay will greatly depend on several factors, like the square footage you need. But, if it’s developed, composite is particularly less costly to keep up compared to wood. If you do not like the idea of spending additional money from the start, then it’s time to look for alternatives to this material.